Wild Rift patch 2.4d is the final patch in this cycle.

According to Riot Games, it aims to address Zed’s dominance in the current meta, and buffs three support champions — Blitzcrank, Thresh, and Senna. Mundo jungle has also taken a significant hit.

Champion changes in Wild Rift patch 2.4d

League of Legends champion Blitzcrank
Credit: Riot Games


(2) Overdrive

  • Mana cost decreased from 75 to 50
  • Movement speed bonus increased from 70/75/80/85% to 75/80/85/90%


Base Stats

  • Health regen per level increased from 0.81 to 1.07
  • Health regen at level 15 increased from 21 to 24

(1) Infected Cleaver

  • Maximum damage vs monsters decreased from 270/330/390/450 to 125/200/275/350

(Ult) Sadism

  • Total health regen decreased from 60/85/110% to 50/75/100%
Credit: Riot Games


(P) Absolution

  • Mist Wraith spawn rate on minion kills decreased from 7% to 3%
League of Legends: Wild Rift support champion Thresh wallpaper
Credit: Riot Games


(3) Flay

  • (Passive) Bonus basic attack damage granted per soul decreased from 1 to 2
League of Legends bot lane champions Xayah and Rakan
Credit: Riot Games


Base Stats

  • Attack Damage per level increased from 2.65 to 3.6
  • Attack Damage at level 15 increased from 102 to 115
League of Legends champion, Zed
Credit: Riot Games


(3) Shadow Slash

  • Base damage decreased from 70/105/140/175 to 70/100/130/160
  • Bonus AD ratio increased from 80% to 70%

Wild Rift patch 2.4d free-to-play champion rotation

September 30 to October 6: Diana, Evelynn, Gragas, Irelia, Kai鈥橲a, Katarina, Kennen, Rakan, Thresh, Tristana

October 7 to October 13: Alistar, Aurelion Sol, Braum, Darius, Ezreal, Fiora, Graves, Jhin, Seraphine, Shyvana

The new Wild Rift 2.5 patch cycle will begin in October.

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